joi, 30 iulie 2009

GOPO the cartoon tattoo

Gopo is a humanoid character which appears in most of Ion Popescu-Gopo's animation films. He tells the story of the Universe and humankind from an evolutionary perspective.

marți, 28 iulie 2009

luni, 13 iulie 2009

Paintings- New Beginnings

Whenever the road ends and even though all hope may be lost you have to watch your ideal straight in the eyes and wipe the tears of your angel symbol of the inner you.

Even though it may be hard or impossible you just have to face your ideals and the real you and that is all you have when everything is lost and turned to dust.

duminică, 12 iulie 2009

Paintings- Unicorn Hope

This is a painting I made for my sister. I tried to show her through this painting that I love her very much and that I'm always near her, thinking of her, even though she is hundreds of miles away, in France.

I tried to represent hope and safety in this painting. Even though the world can be cruel nowadays and there are all kinds of problems you can still see the light of hope right in the middle of the painting, and feel warm and safe in the arms of the unicorn.

luni, 6 iulie 2009

Biomechanical 1

Biomechanical tattoos are very much in fashion these days mostly due to their aesthetic value. Are also popular with tattoo artists because they incite so much imagination and so artists can create freely.

What makes so interesting this biomechanical tattoo is the duplication of plans that are intertwined to create a design inspired by Giger's art.